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Wedding info

Bits & pieces about the plotting and planning that goes on, as it goes on…

Stag night aftermath

There’s not much to tell, really; flew over to Knock airport in the West of Ireland, hired a car and drove with my stalwart companions Stu & John to Westport. There we proceeded to abuse some quality home-made cocktails, then went out for a pint, a Nepalese curry (with wine), another pint, and….. That’s as much as I remember! Until… Read More »Stag night aftermath

Getting there…

Things are falling into place, bit by bit, and we don’t have long to go now.  Next step is introducing Fi’s parents to the food at the High Rocks so that they can choose a menu.  From what I hear, the food there is great, so that should be cool. I wanted to post a detail that I forgot to… Read More »Getting there…

Schedule of the day

This is, of course, subject to the usual delays, last-minute hitches, famines, floods and plagues of locusts… 14:30 – Ceremony – get there early! 15:00 – Drinks, canapes, photos 16:15 – Sit down to dinner (lunch?) 18:00-19:00 – Should be an opportunity to check-in to your hotel, if you haven’t already. 19:00-2300 (and hopefully later!) – Dancing with a live… Read More »Schedule of the day

Wedding list

By popular demand, we’re posting the details online so everyone can get to them. The wedding list is at John Lewis, and can be accessed online at, in-store or by phone. The list number is 285995. They can be contacted by phone on 0845 600 2202. And finally, you can just wander into a John Lewis store with the… Read More »Wedding list

Party booze, party frocks, party suits, party invites….

Ticking boxes as we go… Took the car to Calais a couple of weeks ago and stopped at the Majestic Wine warehouse there to pick up what will hopefully be a nice accompaniment to the wedding “breakfast” – after that, obviously, you’re at the mercy of the High Rocks’ bar. The invites have also arrived, so we’ll be sending them… Read More »Party booze, party frocks, party suits, party invites….

Rings ‘n’ things

Well, we’ve chosen our wedding rings, and hopefully they’ll be all we expect! We got in touch with a website that does all its sales via a travelling sales force – – and a nice sales lady called Heidi turned up with a case full of rings for us to inspect. I suspect that they were mostly fakes, otherwise… Read More »Rings ‘n’ things

First post

Hello and welcome to, our little corner of t’interweb where we plot our hectic social whirl in the run-up to our wedding on 31st May 2008. Ooh, how exciting! We’ll be posting details of the venue, timings, so on and so forth – any comments or questions, feel free to post and we might get around to answering at… Read More »First post