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Party booze, party frocks, party suits, party invites….

Ticking boxes as we go… Took the car to Calais a couple of weeks ago and stopped at the Majestic Wine warehouse there to pick up what will hopefully be a nice accompaniment to the wedding “breakfast” – after that, obviously, you’re at the mercy of the High Rocks’ bar. The invites have also arrived, so we’ll be sending them out in due course. As I say, ticking boxes…

Next task is this week: trying on suits to find something suitably slimming! One half of the young ushers, Spencer, will be coming with me to try on his version of the usher’s attire, while I decide whether I want to look like him (ony bigger!) or not – more on that as it happens.

Next up is the bridesmaids’ extravaganza, followed a few weeks later by a suit fitting for the rest of the groom’s party, who are trekking over from Ireland – one percent suit-fitting, 99 percent kicking back with a nice vino and shooting the breeze – ahhhh yes! ;)

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