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Stag night aftermath

There’s not much to tell, really; flew over to Knock airport in the West of Ireland, hired a car and drove with my stalwart companions Stu & John to Westport. There we proceeded to abuse some quality home-made cocktails, then went out for a pint, a Nepalese curry (with wine), another pint, and….. That’s as much as I remember!

Until the following morning when I woke up, with hangover proceeding nicely, and discovered the litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s I’d brought with me – decimated. At least I didn’t end up chained to Westport Harbour wall – cheers, guys!

Some might say it was an expensive few hours, but it was fun while it lasted. Then I managed to pick up some bizarre lurgy that floored me for a week. I dunno, it’d put you off travel – or drink, one or t’other…

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